It’s National Kidney Day in the US…A Juicy Tip for Your Kidney Health!

National Kidney Day caught my attention!  It also happens to be Kidney Month.  Here’s a way to Support not only your Kidney’s but also your Total Body Health!

SIMPLE & JUICY TIP to cleanse your body, eliminate excess weight & STAY HEALTHY EVERYDAY~!

Here’s one of my Simple Secrets to keeping my immune system strong & healthy!  I love living a healthy lifestyle and having the ENERGY to support it!  It’s PURE, CLEAN & SIMPLE…

Simply start EVERYDAY with hydrating your body by drinking a glass (8ounces) of purified WATER right after you wake up.  Remember that for optimal health it’s vital that you drink a minimum of ½ your body weight in ounces daily.   If you’re consuming dehydrating beverages like coffee, soda, sugary drinks, are exercising then  it’s likely that you need even more water daily!

 Here’s a pic of MY Lemon Tree in Full Bloom~!

Healthy Healing Lemons in Full Bloom
Create health with this simple practice!

JUICY SECRET:  I like to enjoy cleansing my body with a LEMON TEA, combine about 6 ounces of warm water with one whole lemon or lime completely squeezed in with the water, ENJOY.   I love LEMONS~!

Be in tune to what your body is telling you; if you’re feeling sluggish/fatigue, are sick with a cold, flu or soar throat, body aches & pains, digestive issues or  maybe you’ve been over doing it with eating junk…use this method to begin a gentle cleanse for your body!

It’s easy to forget to hydrate your body during this time of the year as weather temperatures are still chilly – so keep your 24 ounce bottle nearby and remember to get at least 64 ounces in each day~!

Add this daily practice to your life and please let me know how it goes! 

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