Welcome Summer

Happy Summer!  happy summerI’ve had the most blissful experience this morning – welcome summer!  I gently woke up at about 4:25am [naturally] and it really felt like a gentle nudge from the divine.  I’ve been anticipating welcoming in “summer” despite the fact that it hasn’t been one of my favorite seasons and in the past I’ve almost dreaded the summer months because it can be so hot. 

This year is different!  I’m so excited about summer that I’ve themed the summer “Slimming & Blissing.”

A few days ago I was ahead of the calendar and thought Thursday was the first day summer so I planned to go out for an evening walk to close out the spring season, then I realized my timing was off!  I still enjoyed my beach walk! evening beach walk

Last night, I had a couple conversations that caught me a little off guard and left me thinking about a few things.  I went out for a last minute unplanned evening walk and spent the time reflecting and never once thought about summer solstice and the fact that it was the last day of spring!  Soooo0, this morning I woke up a little earlier than usual and with a really comforting energy,  and with a few things still on my mind.  I spent a couple of quiet hours, listening to the happy birds outside chirping away before sunrise, spent time praying and journaling – releasing and renewing was my focus!  I didn’t even realize the day & time – according to the World Almanac, summer solstice occurs sometime around 4:51am!    

I feel so grateful for this experience!  I want to wish you a beautiful summer season full of light, love, and an abundance of blessings ~ I encourage you to take a little time to do something special for yourself TODAY to celebrate and be renewed in the new season! 

It’s important that we nourish our bodies with the flow of seasons!  In case you missed the news about my super energizing “Summer Slimming & Blissing” program {and you want to ENERGIZE with me} – take a moment to check it out!  This just may be what you need to release & renew your body & soul this season!   Check it out here:  http://bit.ly/SummerSlimmingbliss

I would love to hear from you!  Do you have any special plans for this new season?  Did you like my little story?  If you did, please comment below, like it and share it with your friends!  Let’s inspire a Summer of “Slimming & Blissing!”

Love & Cheers ~  Michelle







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