Simple Essential Tip for Good Health!

Hey there!  Have you been struggling to feel great?  Here’s a super Simple Essential Tip for Good Health to get you feeling healthy & awesome!

Did you like this SIMPLE ESSENTIAL TIP for GOOD HEALTH?  Make the effort and be sure you’re nourishing your body with this basic step every day!  It’s easy to overlook but so simple!  Have you been feeling anything less than awesome with your health?   Please share your comment with me here in the box below!

Thank you for being a part of this healthy community!

AND…Thanks so much for watching, reading & sharing!

Love & healthy blessings~  Michelle


  • Penelope

    Hi Michelle!! GREAT video…and it sooooo hit the mark for me! I never drink enough clean water…and I learned a lot from this video!!! Well done!
    I loved the bit about using lemon to detox…and as I was in the anitoxidant business (and still am!) another great benefit of using lemon juice is to make the water alkaline!!


    • Michelle Verdugo

      Hi Penelope! THANKS!! It’s essential…Work on making it a habit!! Aim for 64 ounces daily as your first step! That’s right the lemon does offer alkaline benefits for your body! Thanks for commenting! Stay tuned for more healthy tips! 🙂

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