Summer is upon us and so is the halfway point in 2012!  I’m all about the SEASONS!  This season is the perfect time for realigning and readjusting those resolutions that you listed out for yourself at the beginning of the year.

I have a lot going on at this point in my year and even though it’s difficult to admit, I am not on target on my personal timeline.  I have great FAITH that there are reasons far greater than me for where I am on my list!  So, I embrace where I am, and will revisit the intentions that I started 2012 out with.

One of the items on my list at the beginning of the year was to give my website a major makeover….revitalizing my online studio!  Right now, it is a work in progress and I will continue to have new materials popping up for your access on a regular basis – but it is ready for debut!  The timing is perfect – as it is!  I would love for you to check it out, then connect back with me and comment here on my blog. I would really appreciate it if I could get to know you better and you’d connect with me on Facebook and “LIKE” me!

Being ‘public’ was a big leap for me as I tend to be a very “private person”!  Ha, well what I’ve been learning is – it’s not about ME!  I’ve been called to serve, been given many gifts, experience and education for the benefit of others – YOU!  I love what I do and am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with special clients who seek to improve their health: mind, body & soul, and work with me to achieve their vision!

Accomplishing our goals can be an interesting process, just like what I’ve experienced this year with my online makeover. I set out with the intention of giving my website a lift, and the way it has worked out is far different than what my initial idea was!  That’s what most of my clients experience as well!  A goal might be to lose 20-30 pounds and what develops as I guide her (or him) through the process is far greater than expected!   As she(he) begins the process, weight in all areas (physical/body, mind & spirit) are lifted, and now there is an openness that allows more light to shine in, healing within the body and new inspirations and visions to develop!

Another advancement in conquering the items on my ‘to do’s’ is with my Ezine, FOCUS!  I hope you enjoy receiving your gift of FOCUS!  If you’re not already on my list please sign up right from my home page!

The year is going by pretty quick, I encourage you to list out what you hope to accomplish this year before it passes you by!


1)   FIND your 2012 LIST of Intentions, Goals or Resolutions:  Your list should be readily available.  If you want to accomplish anything on your list, you should have it somewhere in sight and also framed in your mind! IF you don’t have a list – it’s never too late to CREATE it!

2)   REFINE:  Go through and cross off the goals you don’t need anymore, add on new ideas – expand your intentions or check off as accomplished (yay!) – mark it, clean it up and refine it!

3)   TIMELINE:  Set some time markers for yourself by listing out target dates – a timeline.  Note your timeline from this point through the end of the year; also write out your thoughts on what it will take to make it happen.

4)   WORK IT OUT:  Create your plan – as you’ve just written out your thoughts on what it’ll take to make those items happen, refine that into your ACTION PLAN! *You may find it helpful to break it down month by month, week by week, day by day!*

5)   TAKE ACTION!  Wake up every morning with enthusiasm and ready to embrace your day meanwhile incorporating what you need to do to realize the goals you’ve set for yourself in your INTENTIONS!

I believe that there is something far greater than myself making things happen and helping me realize my intentions.  I set my intentions from the beautiful whispers and comforting ideas that I receive from God – and I set time for meditation, prayer and devotion at the beginning and end of each day.  I find that by continuing to keep my eye on God, I am able to keep my FOCUS on my Intentions!  I share this for your encouragement to tapping into YOUR SPIRIT to support you in achieving YOUR INTENTIONS & GOALS!

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