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Michelle is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist (NHI), Certified Health Wellness & Fitness Coach (CSUSM), Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) and attended CSULA, BA Communication: Emphasis Organizational Communication and Public Relations.  Michelle has been helping clients with their health for over a decade.  If you are ready to discover your perfect life in a body and lifestyle you’ve never experienced, please SIGN UP for your FREE GIFT and Health Assessment!



Everyday is an opportunity for refining, growing and redefining!  I am lover of life – learning, refining, receiving, giving, loving and living my life’s journey!  My life’s purpose is to help others LIVE & LOVE, to help others HEAL & BE HEALTHY, to INSPIRE others!

I have been coaching both men and women for over a decade in the health & wellness area as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach and Health Lifestyle Success Mentor.

I’ve successfully spent several years coaching.  During this time, I’ve coached over 500 participants to run, or walk, in marathons to benefit themselves, and charity organizations in events worldwide!  I’ve coached hundreds of individuals toward achieving THEIR ideal vision of health.

The majority of my adult life I’ve spent as a business owner.  I began my career as an entrepreneur providing fundraising and event planning services.  Throughout over a decade of working with organizations mostly on the West Coast of the United States; I’ve coached organizations and collectively have raised over a million dollars!

As a business owner and planner, I have many years of experience giving me the expertise that I now teach and utilize in working with my clients.  I’ve personally experienced and benefited from the change in evolution in the way of doing business, and offer a uniquely genuine and effective approach through my coaching services and products.

I love to run!  I grew up tagging along with my dad when he would go out for a run around the neighborhood or a nearby high school track!  I enjoy running long distance, and have run several full and half marathons. Running has provided me with so many benefits!  It has taught me discipline, endurance, perseverance, how to overcome challenges & pain, faith, natural highs, reprieve, strategy, a direct line with God, and many more!

As the oldest daughter of only 2 girls, I’ve learned independence, strength and structure.  I’ve always been one to create my own stamp on things in life, and am not interested in being a follower of trends.  I’ve enjoyed some adventurous travel for work and personal time!

I have a beautiful puppy, and she has been one of my greatest blessings in my life.  My sweet girl has taught me so much about life, caring, love for animals and the importance of unconditional LOVE.  IMG_2464

My life has been challenging at times, and I’ve always come through it stronger, healthier and more successful!  My saving grace is my FAITH.  I am spiritual and love GOD.  I believe that our challenges are gifts, and what we do with what we learn is critical to experiencing our truth and higher purpose.  Through my own personal experience and working with clients over the years, I understand how to identify and break through the barriers that can be binding, keeping one in a vicious cycle.

I love the beach, water-skiing and being in nature!  I nourish my body by taking time out for HOT YOGA throughout the week!

I love my life, and all of the life experiences that have made me who I am.  I am so excited to INSPIRE and SUPPORT people who are open, and ready to receive what I have to give!  Even if there is only a mustard seed of desire, I support and lead my client in finding their way out of the box and in their healing from the inside out.

My coaching style is unique, and my years of experience guide me in meeting each client and providing the right plan that will be most effective.  My goal is to provide clients up with the tools and solutions needed to achieve their goals and find success for LIFE!

It gives me great joy when I see the impact of my inspirations!

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