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High Health Nutrition & Support [Body Transformation] Program — Schedule your first session NOW * complimentary!

With  Michelle Verdugo, CNC  you will receive a personalized health program to meet what your body specifically needs!  What we offer is a custom approach to your Health & Body Transformation to help you achieve the Higher Health, Lifestyle and Success that you Desire! Your personalized health program begins with YOU – a proven system that will help you breakthrough barriers and provide you with life long health.

One of the greatest benefits with our programs is that you are not alone on your journey.  We offer support that is designed to take the “overwhelm” OUT of your life, a simple do-able approach that is unlike a “diet” or any kind of “fad type” program; we provide you with a formula that will continue to provide you with LIFE LONG RESULTS FOR OPTIMAL HIGH HEALTH & LIFE!

When you experience “The High Health Lifestyle” you will have a beautiful ~ amazing body & life transformation, you will be able to LIVE your LIFE, rich and full of abundance and blessings – your investment in yourself will be priceless and will be a gift to not only yourself but to all those who are in your life!

Consider this an invitation to MEET YOUR HEALTHY SELF” —  Please contact us for more program details or BOOK your complimentary GIFT, a DISCOVERY SESSION with Michelle here!  Your complimentary session [20 minute phone consult] will include a brief Health Assessment where you will be provided with specific recommendations [steps] that you can begin immediately, as well as options to take the next step!

Total Body Transformation with Michelle

YOUR GIFT  [$150 Value]:

  • We invite you to a 20-minute FREE Discovery Call: Assessment and Consultation for us to meet.  Learn more about program options and identify if it may be a good fit for you.
  • You will receive immediate recommendations [STEPS] to use immediately and begin Living YOUR Healthier Life!
  • Simply Check my availability to schedule your time with me here.  Upon scheduling your Free Consultation, you will receive your Assessment Form!
  • Program options are based are offered based on your specific health goal/s and support needs!

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Through her compelling, heartfelt presentation, Michelle presents from her years of personal and professional experience; she shares life changing and inspiring information with audiences.

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  • Andrea (Andy) Aston

    I need help with meal planning. I’m vegetarian and right now not eating dairy, gluten and cutting down on sugar. I have IBS which they say is mostly from stress, but am coming to believe I have food allergies which make it work.
    I would like to schedule an initial phone consult. I am an attorney in River Village.
    Thank you

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