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I wanted to give my nutritionist Michelle Verdugo a shout out, because she has been such a blessing in my life! I’ve been working with her for a couple of years now. I found her on Facebook… at a time when I was really struggling with menopausal symptoms (weight gain!! headaches, hot flashes, etc.) I love her approach and I love that her programs are not just about food (although what you put in your body is extremely important!!)  It is a holistic approach – mind, body, soul – because it is ALL connected!  Her High Health Nutritional Programs include teaching, accountability, tracking, meal plans and recipes. Honestly, about 90% of what I eat are Michelle’s recipes!  I love that they are simple, and healthy.  I’m all for simplicity!  She has different programs she offers, and I’ve done a few different ones.
It was so convenient for me that we could connect online or by phone!
She has such a passion for what she does, and really cares about her clients!
I think we all need some help sometimes…we need that person that will help us attain our goals, and help us to keep moving forward.
I HIGHLY recommend Michelle if you want to bring your health to a higher level!
Margie Cramer, RN


“Okay, so I’m ready to come clean!  Last May, I looked and felt terrible.  My cholesterol was out of whack, I had more days with migraines than I had without, and I just felt depressed beyond belief.   So, I decided to call my old friend, Michelle Verdugo with Holistic Healthy Lifestyle with Michelle Verdugo, and she changed my life.   She tracked the foods that I was putting into my body and altered the way that I eat.  It wasn’t a weight loss plan.   It was a HEALTH plan.  She taught me how to make better food choices and to listen to what my body needs.   It wasn’t easy, but I knew it was time for a change.

Needless to say, I have been migraine free for almost 4 months, my cholesterol levels are within the norm, and I feel happy and energized.   It’s because of Michelle that I am out hiking again.  She has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you Michelle for sharing your gift!  ♥ ♥ ♥  Like her page and set up a call. I know she can help you.”

Having someone customize a nutritional plan to my specific body needs has given me a new lease on life.  I feel energized and have been migraine free for 3 months now. Thank you, Michelle, for teaching me to listen to my body.

– Christina, California

[Also notable, client reported weight loss of over 29 lbs. on a separate private email a couple weeks prior and still losing!  Weight Loss is only a benefit to “the formula” – was not the initial goal for her formula!  Initial health concerns:  migraines, depression, high cholesterol, low energy]

Before I started working with Michelle, I had tried several “diet” programs that eliminated most of the foods I loved. My wellness doctor had me taking 6 supplements which did not give me any results. My weight started to fluctuate, and I was experiencing hormonal imbalance; hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, etc.
I’ve learned to nourish my body, see the value and benefit of what Michelle has taught me.
I lead a very busy life. I am a nurse and work 3-12 hour shifts per week. On my days off, I help my daughter out by watching my grandson while she works so my energy level and body can really take a hit if I am not prepared.
Since working with Michelle, I have learned to live a life of purpose.
I love being prepared. I love the daily planning, the recipes, the shopping and the cooking.
Working with Michelle and following the Higher Health program has helped me live with a higher state of PEACEFULNESS and continues to help me live a well balanced life!
laurie joe kay

With Michelle’s health coaching programs and mentor-ship I know that I have learned to live a healthy life style not follow a diet plan, and I will always have a friend who truly cares about my well being.

Love your friendship!!!

Laurie Kay RN

Cathy M

I began my journey with Michelle in December of 2012 after meeting her at a speaking engagement.  Her caring and friendly personality attracted me to her.  As we began I loved how knowledgeable she is and I put my trust in her.  Since that time, I have never felt better.  Her subtle approach is one that most can handle as they make changes toward a healthier lifestyle.  I feel very light and I chose to eat a healthier way.  It certainly was a fit for me and I look forward to sharing my successes with her.  I highly recommend Michelle for all your nutritional needs or concerns.

– Cathy M, Beautiful Skin Nerium, Chino Hills, CA


Week 4,  (MAIN CONCERN:  hormonal imbalance) :  “Sleep is amazing!  I have energy and feel rested and better than I have in long time.  I feel a HUGE difference!”

Week 2, (MAIN CONCERNS: stress, weight loss, cholesterol) “I feel satisfied.  I feel like I am being more centered, like I’m approaching serenity in everyday life.  I like being more in control, it feels really good.”

Week 3, (MAIN CONCERN: hormone imbalance, general health, stress)  “I see how it’s all connected.  I’m passionate about the direction we are going in.  I’ve learned that I have to be my own doctor, this way is starting to help me feel balanced, more in control of my emotions and I feel satisfied with the recipes you are giving me.”

The nature of our program is very private and often many of our clients are not ready to go worldwide with their story. We appreciate and respect their privacy, therefore, we only share quotes anonymously and only post some of our success stories of clients’ who have approved us to do so.

“I love working out with Michelle. I feel better, I’m losing weight and I’m learning how to be nutritionally fit and not feel like I’m on a diet.”


“Your program has given me a clearer mind, more energy and I’m losing weight and don’t feel like I’m on a diet.”


“Michelle has blessed my daughter and I with improved health and a new healthy lifestyle. I am very grateful”.


“Michelle has helped me lose over 70 pounds but more importantly has taught me how to maintain my weight for more than a year now.”

School Administrator

“Our family has benefited tremendously from Michelle! Thanks to what Michelle has taught us, we have a healthy lifestyle, are eating healthier and exercising more regularly. We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done to transform our family into a healthier family.”

The Gross Family

“I’m transforming my life, beginning a whole new journey and discovering myself beyond what I imagined. Thank you.” -


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