Chew on this!  How do you EAT?

Several years ago I was enlightened to mindful eating!  Most days I’m in tune with my approach to mindful eating because of the benefits I experience while enjoying my meal!  This morning as I’m on a mission to accomplish a number of tasks, I find myself eating in a rush and from my workspace (my desk)!  Big ALERT, for me it doesn’t feel right to eat in a rush or in my office! 

Whenever I eat, dine out and/or eat with others (including my loved ones) the energy around and the energy of others eating fast and talking with food in their mouths is disruptive to me enjoying my meal!  Now, go with me on this – I’m not coming from a place of snobbery!  I truly experience the serenity and nourishment in my body that comes as a benefit while I eat.  Have you experienced what I’m talking about?  Or if you stop and take a look at it, perhaps you may be missing the “mindful eating experience,” yes? 

Mindful eating can have many health benefits and can provide your body with a whole new level of nourishment enriching your mind, body and soul!

Mindful Eating

Here are just a few tips to give you something to CHEW ON! 😉

[Practice this approach when you eat alone or with others!]

–          First, I encourage you to take a few deep breaths over your meal and offer a blessing and gratitude for your meal, your health, and anything else on your heart! Close your eyes and shift gears to slow down for your meal time.  [I also recommend turning off any noise or quieting down the space!]

–          Take time for your meals – don’t multi-task!  Meals should be enjoyed over a 20 minute period.  Slow down and savor your meal.  TASTE your meal and enjoy the variation of ingredients your meal offers!  Enjoy your meal at a dining table or space – set it with a placemat, napkin, etc.

  • This 20 minute meal will give your mind, body & soul a break & will charge your energy!

–          Aim to chew your bite ‘20’ times before you swallow!  Try this – you will experience breaking down your food almost completely into liquid form.  [You will receive the nourishment much more efficiently + give your digestive system a hand.]

–          Drink room temperature ‘good’ water with your meals.  Have a sip a few times throughout your meal and about 6-8 ounces once you’ve finished your meal.

–          Be in tune to what your body is telling you!  When you’re in a mindful space while eating you will hear & feel when your body is full!  Stop at the point that you feel full – and you won’t overeat!

–          Enjoy the nourishment of your meal and all that it offers!


  • 1 – Can help PREVENT WEIGHT GAIN & DISEASE like Type 2 Diabetes, and many more!
  • 2 – Can help decrease excessive snacking between meals & help you STAY & BE LEAN – LOSE WEIGHT!
  • 3 – Can help shift your awareness of food, your body, the connection; and help you learn to truly enjoy food!
  • 4 – Can provide you with a happier attitude, more energy and more trust & LOVE for your SELF!
  • 5 – Can give you time to RELAX, enjoy a new sense of PEACE, enjoy time with others or time alone with your divine connection!

Bon Appétit ~ Cheers to your mindful eating experience!

I would love to hear about your mindful eating experience!  Share your comments with me here!


  • Jessica

    I need to work in slowing down and chew my bite 20 times before swallowing. I truly enjoy food, but there are days that I live in such a rush that I forget to connect with my body, and the experience of eating. Thanks for the reminder Michelle!

    • Michelle Verdugo

      THANK YOU for you comments Jessica! It’s easy to be swept into the daily rush of life ~ and forget to slow down to really enjoy nourishing our bodies…just remember the more it becomes your way, your “lifestyle” — the easier it will be to notice when you’re missing it! Healthy blessings ~ Cheers~!

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