Refreshing Energizing Healthy Tea

Refreshing Energizing Healthy Tea!

Tea is delightful and has many great health benefits!  Tea has antioxidants, polyphenols and phytonutrients which studies have shown to have many health benefits including reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke; bone health (improved bone strength).  Tea has less caffeine than coffee so your body will function better!  Tea can improve your metabolism and support with weight loss ~ plus a lot more healthy benefits!  It’s refreshing, revitalizing and delightful — I hope you’ll give this summer blend a try!

While it’s still summer and sun is HOT, I recommend you brew up some refreshing, energizing, and healthy SUN TEA!

Give this MANGO SUN TEA mix a try:

1 gallon purified water

3 black tea bags

3 mango tea bags

Leave your combined water & tea bags in the direct sun light for 6+ hours to brew!

*** Refrigerate your tea and with each glass add a squeeze of a fresh orange plus an orange slice along with a sprig of fresh mint!  Enjoy your refreshing energizing and healthy glass of tea!


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