PS – open road, break, elevate, dream

PS — open, break, elevate, dream!

The past few weeks I’d been feeling the effects of a long 16 plus months stretch of a very full calendar and on most days flying out the door and running from commitment to commitment (business and community).  I needed a break!

Short and sweet!  Decided to take a quick drive out to Palm Springs area for 2 nights.

Pure beauty taking the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway up Mt. San Jacinto.  Started a little late in the afternoon for a longer hike so I only had time for an incredible majestic trail loop for 5.5 miles.  For most of the trail/hike it was just me and the sound of silence with an occasional passerby and “hello” … I loved every minute of being covered by the love of nature.

Today I’m poolside and had to adjust (to taking time to “lounge”!) thinking “Life is Good” and I need this relax time — but at the same time laughing at myself because I’m really not used to “relaxing” — being on a lounge chair with nothing to do was giving me some anxiousness! LOL

I took out my journal and my computer and dove in!  Now I’m in groove… I could stay a while …

PS — I love you … this has been two lovely days of just me — nothing to “DO” — ‘prove’ — no one to impress…divine time, being in gratitude, soul nourishing, ultimate healing, letting go, and receiving love and energy from this TIME!  I’ll carry these vibes on as I carry myself on home and into my beautiful healthy life!

Truth is I’m ready for the next getaway — in the meantime, let’s create majestic health, a healthier way of life and let’s #livelifehealthy — NOW is THE BEST TIME because LIFE is NOW!

I’m so energized and inspired and ready for you — I would like to INVITE YOU to work with me for 6 weeks {my final program this year!} to elevate and finish this year healthier and higher than you’ve dreamed of!  


Work with me in taking your health and life to higher levels… Nourish and Elevate — Join me for the next 6 weeks and let’s finish this year on HIGH!  It’s not too late to take your body {health}, your business/body of work, and your life to higher levels and reach those 2018 goals before the year is a wrap!  Dream and Let’s DO …

We begin next week, November 15!  Join me live for a nourishing mini lunch retreat at the beautiful Vista Valley Country Club — Let’s get in sync together — come join me in my energy and let me hold space for you — let’s release and shift and create inspired ideas to support you in reaching higher levels over the next 6 weeks!  I’ll be providing you with weekly support in all areas, [health – including my nourishing new fall recipes] — [body — aim to tone and body sculpt your way with ease] — [business and life — let’s shift how you’re seeing things, release and open — nourish and heal into higher levels] — Live (in person) activities are a BONUS so IF you’re unable to make the live sessions, you will still be able to participate and receive ALL that “Nourish & Elevate” has to give! 

Serious FOCUS

6 week personalized support

Weekly group training and support; multi media training: visual + audio

Step by Step weekly worksheets

Accountability + Personalized support (1:1 coaching included, plus daily access)

My energy and personal guidance on your success

Amazing nourishing live activities [Lunch Retreat 11/15, Gratitude and Vision Circle 11/27, Take a Hike 12/tbd, Holiday High Lunch Retreat 12/tbd]

24/7 group forum, networking, accountability & support

Very limited spaces

Results guaranteed

For those who really want NEXT LEVEL [Health, body, business, LIFE]

Starts November 15!

I’m so excited to do this work WITH YOU and create next level LIFE… I cannot wait to hear from you!

If this speaks to you, and you are ready to finally cross over – let go – climb & reach higher levels in your HEALTH & LIFE; PM me or email me now!  

This will be a LIFE CHANGER — LIFE GIVER!  Are you ready to RECEIVE???

Email:  [email protected] 

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