Let’s Goal: Health + Life Goals!

Hello fresh new month, JUNE!
A fresh new month; exciting new energy to share with you!  Let’s talk about what it means to have GOALS…Health + LIFE, GOALS!
Are you ON TRACK or feel like you need to get back on track?  How to get back on track, get in the flow and stay on track to have the best summer yet!  LET’S GOAL!
If I’ve got your attention now you know that goals are important!  Actually, having goals is one of the most important things in life that you can do for yourself if you want to see higher levels in all areas of your life!  Goals are powerful – they help give us direction, they give us “energy,” they give us LIFE!  Typically we set goals at the beginning of a new year and by now they are fading or maybe washed into the sea of life.  So here we go – let’s get back on track and reach those goals!
WHAT are your goals?  And, simply – WHY do you want the goal/s?
Be specific with measurable goals.. for instance, I want to lose weight.
Measurable Goals: I want to lose 11 pounds over the next 4 weeks.  Goal: I will work out a min of 35 minutes daily.
WHY?  What is the drive behind the goal/s?  By the way, these are great questions to take to your journal today!
Start:  Have a Vision
See it, feel it, believe it!  Get a picture in your mind or on a vision board to see the life you want to create and live!
It’s essential to have a personal reason and connection to the goal – short term aligned with long term goals that are part of living a higher life!  Longer term goals are going to be essential for creating the life you dream of – where you will see and experience transformation!
VISUALIZE – clear pictures helps you keep focused and on track with what matters!  Keeping the vision of what you want clear in  your mind will help you and will drive energy in decision making and taking action!
Does this/these goal/s get you excited to wake up and get going every day?
Let’s make it reality!  PLAN for SUCCESS
Next step:  Plan to achieve the goal/s.  What do you need to do right now to get things moving toward achieving the goal/s?
I like to work backwards from the GOAL then create a plan – this helps create a vision for the steps that need to happen in between – mini goals or milestones along the way.  Accountability can be the key to success.  Typically, your best accountability partner is going to be one who is not in your immediate circle of family and friends.  Having an outside partner who can help lead, encourage, be straightforward in helping keep on track is best!  As a coach, I work with clients and help them keep taking next steps to higher levels week by week!  Personally, I work with a coach which helps me continue to move my life forward in line with my goals.  A coach can be invaluable – worth beyond imagination!
A few last points for you:
Whatever your goal may be, at the center of is health and wellness.  Did you know that the High Health Plan is next level!  Summer session starts this month!   The High Health Accelerator program is a map to help you achieve the next level in living the highest quality life through High Health!
 I would love to help you live your best life – dreams work when you work.  Summer program is open, interested?  Let’s chat!
Cheers to our GOALS and living our healthiest and best lives!!!  Let’s GOAL —

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