REAL FOOD: Lentil Salad Mix!

REAL FOOD: A delicious, abundantly nutritious & simple meal~!

Try this simply delicious Lentil Recipe; powerfully nutritious and very simple~!

I recommend all organic ingredients!

– Lentils

– Red Onion

– Cilantro

– Avocado

– Cherry Tomatoes

– Dash of Sea Salt

– Dash of Crushed Red Pepper

Cook lentils as instructed on package.

Chop and dress your individual servings with amounts proportionate to your desire; or you can chop and add each then combine and give the bowl a light toss~!

This lentil salad mix is perfect for a lunch or dinner meal~!  Its light, yet provides just the right amount of heartiness to feel satiated.

It provides you with a wonderfully power packed amount of nutritious benefits~! Would love to know how you like this simple lentil salad mix…please comment below!



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