• An Investment in Health, Healing & Finding a Little Bit of Happiness.

    A few years ago, my soul began guiding me to do a challening thing and so I started considering another marathon. Completing 26.2 miles on foot is challenging, but the reward goes far beyond just crossing a finish line. Around that time, a hiking challenge called 29029 began appearing on my social media feed, catching my attention with its focus on conquering difficult climbs.  It seemed to attract cool people tackling an amazing mountain challenge of 29029 elevation gain equal to that of Mount Everst.. In the early part of 2023, I joined the waiting list for registration notifications. On November…

  • Summertime Inspiration!

    HIT RESET! MINDSET!  A powerful tool available to you right NOW,  your SELF! Start from where you are with what you've got and focus on what you can do today, then repeat…Create the healthy habit so that it becomes part of your way of living!  If you've already taken steps with a simple change, make another one! ;)

  • Healthy through the Holidays!

    When you prepare your food at home, you take your health into your own hands!! ❤ Give this yummy & simple one a try!! Smoothie deliciousness…. This is MEDIA!!!  I’m a Special Contributor to our local Village News! Check out full story LINK & Grab Recipe >>>> CLICK ON IMAGE!