Invitation for YOUR Health

I specialize in working with dynamic spiritually minded individuals…

I can relate!  I know from personal experience – constantly battling with emotions, negative self talk, dieting or going to extremes- ultimately leave you back where you started or worse off!

In the past I’ve struggled with a lot self-drama, insecurities along with lack of confidence at times which had me looking for comfort in all the wrong ways!  I’ve struggled with my body image, trying various diets, out of control emotions, destructive decisions, obsessive behaviors and a painful struggle to find my peace.  I’ve gone to professional therapists to seek answers and have at times been left worse off and still without a solution.

Its’ been a journey, deep and comprehensive leading me to where I am now living a life that I LOVE because I’ve learned how to heal and nourish my body the right way!

Believe in MIRACLES! It was only a handful of years ago and my life was in a pretty dark place.  I share this with you to let you know that if you’re experiencing repeated vicious cycles and your health and your life is seriously being affected; I understand.  I choose to look forward and live my life in the present moment and ON PURPOSE!  I don’t have a minute to spare and I am simply not available to be in any situation that would be a waste of precious time, stuck spinning my wheels [anymore]. 

I wake up each day with gratitude, energy and enthusiasm for the day.  I have, feel and AM in peace and radiate with beauty; I adore my life!  I sleep well every night, I feel healthy, I no longer struggle with “another 10-15 pounds to lose.” I maintain my body and feel good from the inside and out.  My mind, body and soul is quiet in a very peaceful way. 

Everyday is a GIFT!  I love my life and I love that through my challenges and my experience personally and professionally I now specialize in offering programs that help both women and men transform their lives from the inside – out in a very light, simple, fun, healing and invigorating way to reach THEIR HIGHER HEALTH for a Higher Life!

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