Zesty Nutritious Easy Recipe

This “Zesty Quinoa Salad” Recipe is simply ‘zesty nutritious and easy’ ~ a PERFECT SALAD for any occasion!  For a quick lunch, dinner or special occasion — this will SATISFY, KEEP YOU SLIM, ENERGIZE & have you ENJOYING your MEAL!

The picture featured here also reflects our beautiful garden PRODUCE – ING hydroponic system!  This beautiful butter crunch lettuce you see here has been providing for meals for over a month now! 

I love keeping healthy eating simple & enjoyable!  This salad can be tossed up in under 20 minutes.  While you wait on quinoa to cook ~10-15 minutes, gather your fresh ingredients, finely dice and combine all! 

Once your quinoa has cooked you may want to wait a bit for it to cool or you can toss right in with the salad and enjoy hot!  By the way, you can add more or less of each ingredient ~ to your desire!

Whether you enjoy hot, room temperature or chilled — each variety has a delicious and nutritious offering of tastes!

Try this recipe!!!  Click here for your recipe card:  Zesty Quinoa Salad Recipe Card

Zesty Quinoa Salad Recipe Card

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