Fall Cozy Weather, Peach Pie Good for the Soul!

Fall Cozy Weather, Peach Pie…Good for the Soul!  ME n PEACH PIE

Fall is my FAVORITE season to WELCOME IN ~ I’m ready for the cozy weather and cozy fall food!  Have you ever noticed your cravings for certain foods changing as the season changes? 

As the temperature drops, it’s natural to reach for heartier grounding foods!  It’s also natural to shift gears into habits that will support you through the season – it’s VITAL that you PAY ATTENTION to the signs (and even the calendar) to help trigger you toward taking the next right step!  By being in tune to the energy around you – you will take your LIFE to HIGHER HEALTH this way!

Fall rolling in automatically shifts my mindset, my energy and subconsciously takes me into the kitchen to flip on my oven and create warm nourishing recipes!  Without even planning or premeditation I decided to bake a ‘quick’ peach pie to take over to my parents as a little gift for my dad which I had promised to do a couple of months ago when we harvested his peach tree!  I found myself in the groove whipping it together effortlessly all in matter of about an hour!  Something I couldn’t find the time to do any earlier in the summer months!

One of the projects I’ve been working on lately is my cookbook featuring “Recipes for Higher Health & Inspirations for a Healthy Lifestyle.”  I’m so excited that I will soon be able to offer more of the dozens of recipes that I’ve created for optimal health to further support my clients, those I meet at speaking events and for those who are looking for quick, delicious and simple solutions that will support their health goals. 

One of the things I do through my business is specialize in helping women & men who have health challenges getting in the way of living their life; whose lives are being affected because they are not living with good health.  I provide a simple step by step personalized formula that supports healing from the inside out, targeting the root cause/s of the health issue/s so that they can refresh and renew their soul through nutritional excellence and create healthy lifestyle habits for vibrant and higher health! 

I love locking arms and supporting my clients through their personalized transformation because it gives great meaning to my life to be a part of their LIFE and to see the joy, the glow, the awakening and presence that they receive through taking the steps by simply believing just enough to say YES to themselves with the gift of their health program!  I love to see the before and after photos of my clients and especially love to see their posts on facebook with beautiful shots enjoying life!  All of this is a blessing to me!

Here’s a little Love & Inspiration for you today~!

Nourish your BODY & SOUL with the
Bountiful Blessings of the SEASON

Please take a moment to comment here and let me know what YOU love about the fall season and what I can do to help you with nourishing your body this fall? 

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