Do you ever find yourself frustrated because you never seem to find the right way to really love eating more fruits and vegetables? Do you sometimes find yourself worried for your family because you know you SHOULD ALL be eating more healthy foods including more fruits & veggies?

One of questions that I’m often asked is “How to do I get my family & I to eat more fruits and vegetables when they just don’t want eat the fruits and veggies that I buy?”  I’m also frequently asked, “What kind of fruits and veggies should I buy?”

Well, have no worries ~ I’ve got a few simple tips for you that will surely get you and your family into actually embracing and truly enjoying eating more fruits & veggies!  You will be amazed…I know you’ll want to come by & thank me later 😉 !

  1. SHIFT GEARS & TAKE the LEAD!  Make the decision that you WILL COMMIT to eating the F & V’s that you buy BEFORE THEY GO BAD!  Find 2 or 3 of your current favorite F &V’s that you like; STOCK UP for the week and PLAN to eat them daily.  You can start really simple with a few like bananas, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, apples… Take the lead and soon your loved ones will follow!
  2. PLAN to HIT your LOCAL FARMERS MARKET for fresh organic options!  Make this an outing with your guy and your family!  Go for the carrots with greens on top, and those that look good to you…make it fun and make it a weekly must do outing!
  3. MEAL PLAN AHEAD!  So for instance, PLAN to have a banana with your breakfast daily, an apple with almond butter as an afternoon snack daily or every other day, a cup of blueberries for a tasty after dinner treat, include spinach & tomatoes with your lunch or dinner daily.  I love cucumber sticks alone and with meals – they satisfy the need for a crunch!  Another one of my favorite crunch snacks is organic raw almond butter with a sliced organic apple and a pinch of crushed walnuts, so yummy!  CREATE the DAILY HABIT and you will soon naturally be craving your F & V‘s and be branching out for more variety!!!
    One of my favorite snacks!
    One of my favorite snacks!
  4. BREAK OUT YOUR BLENDER for SMOOTHIE MAKING!  This is something that I can’t live without!  I enjoy one to two smoothies everyday and always look forward to my smoothie ‘tomorrow!’  If you’d like one of my favorite smoothie recipes that includes 3 or more F & V’s in ONE SHOT including SPINACH, click on to receive my free gift to you here on my site, for the recipe!  You’ll also receive my newsletter where I regularly share my favorite DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS AND EASY to do RECIPES!

On average most people in America aren’t eating enough fruits & vegetables for baseline health.  Now the recommended amount of servings daily is 9-13, did you know that?  How close are you & your family coming to meeting that amount every day?  Is there room for improvement?

It’s essential to that you create a foundation for healthy living through a healthy nutritional PLAN, consider fruits and vegetables your “fountain of youth” and your family’s lifeline!  There are so many benefits that you will experience by simply including more F & V’s as a part your healthy lifestyle – they are rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, fiber, antioxidants, water +++  – they will give you a ‘glow,’ vibrant energy and HIGHER HEALTH~!

 I hope that you’re inspired to hit your local farmers market and do a little meal planning now!

Are ready to take these SIMPLE TIPS and START having some fun with fruits & veggies? 

Please share your comment with me here!  I would also appreciate a little love with sharing these tips, a “LIKE”… YOU INSPIRE ME!


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