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Success Spotlight on “THE HIGHER HEALTH GLOW!”

My comment:  “I especially LOVE YOUR GLOW!” 

Recently, one of my clients posted this photo of herself on facebook which even now instantly warms my heart and sends a beaming light through my soul!  What an incredible gift this photo is to me, one that keeps on giving because it feeds MY SOULTINA

One of the greatest joys that I receive from my clients is the ‘after glow’ that I know they WILL inevitably experience and naturally wear if they have followed their prescribed nutritional formula that supports their journey to higher health – mind, body and soul!

Along with this post was a lovely message from my adored friend and client:

“Okay, so I’m ready to come clean!  Last May, I looked and felt terrible.  My cholesterol was out of whack, I had more days with migraines than I had without, and I just felt depressed beyond belief.  So, I decided to call my old friend, Michelle Verdugo with Holistic Healthy Lifestyle with Michelle Verdugo, and she changed my life.  She tracked the foods that I was putting into my body and altered the way that I eat.  It wasn’t a weight loss plan.  It was a HEALTH plan. She taught me how to make better food choices and to listen to what my body needs.  It wasn’t easy, but I knew it was time for a change.  Needless to say, I have been migraine free for almost 4 months, my cholesterol levels are within the norm, and I feel happy and energized.  It’s because of her that I am out hiking again.  She has changed my life in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you Michelle  for sharing your gift!  ♥ ♥ ♥  Like her page and set up a call. I know she can help you.” 

[Also notable, client reported weight loss of over 29 lbs. on a separate private email a couple weeks prior and still losing!  Weight Loss is only a benefit to “the formula” – was not the initial goal for her formula!  Initial health concerns:  migraines, depression, high cholesterol, low energy]

Programs that we offer are personalized to get to the root cause of health issues and provide a formula designed specifically to help heal the body from the core – inside – out, offering Total Health and Body Transformation. 

Another one of the greatest benefits that clients experience is that they are not alone on their journey.  We offer support that is designed to take the “overwhelm” OUT of their lives, provide a simple do-able approach that is unlike any kind of “diet” or “fad type/product driven” program.  We provide a formula using REAL FOOD and REAL SIMPLE PRACTICES that provide the body with the right nutritional formula to support healing and that will continue to provide RESULTS, HEALTH, SUCCESS and VITALITY for LIFE – for LIFE!

This is only a snapshot of what client’s experience!  I personally invite you to a 20 minute complimentary call to talk with me about your health concerns where I will provide you with immediate recommendations and options to consider toward finally experiencing freedom in being pain free and able to enjoy your HIGHER HEALTH!  Log on to schedule your time with me NOW…this complimentary offer is only available for a limited time, so if you feel you’ve been meaning to get control of your health – NOW IS THE TIME~!  

Have you been inspired to pay a little attention to listen to what your body is telling you?  Please share your comments, thoughts, pains with me here and please help me inspire by sharing this article…Love & Healthy Blessings~!

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  • Nina

    Nice article. I will agree that the food plan is very nutritious. For me, the difficulty is that some of the items are not at our local store and Sprouts or Whole Foods is a 40-45 minute drive from home so it truly does take “planning ahead”.
    I am confident that this last medical/surgical procedure this past Tuesday, 12/10, went better and recovery is more wholesome and quicker because of the recent nutrition plan. I actually doubled up on my Juice Plus as well so that may have also helped out with recovery this week.
    Thanks for all your encouragement, support and counsel. Ciao, Nina

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