• Summertime Inspiration!

    HIT RESET! MINDSET!  A powerful tool available to you right NOW,  your SELF! Start from where you are with what you've got and focus on what you can do today, then repeat…Create the healthy habit so that it becomes part of your way of living!  If you've already taken steps with a simple change, make another one! ;)

  • Let’s Goal: Health + Life Goals!

    Hello fresh new month, JUNE! A fresh new month; exciting new energy to share with you!  Let’s talk about what it means to have GOALS…Health + LIFE, GOALS! Are you ON TRACK or feel like you need to get back on track?  How to get back on track, get in the flow and stay on track to have the best summer yet!  LET’S GOAL! If I’ve got your attention now you know that goals are important!  Actually, having goals is one of the most important things in life that you can do for yourself if you want to see higher levels…

  • High Health Living Here

      Michelle Verdugo is a leader with an incredible track record in delivering HIGH HEALTH products, nutrition and wellness programs designed to support individuals, groups and organizations. High Health Nutrition and Wellness programs are designed to create quality wellbeing in health for overall daily energy,  performance in life while creating strong and healthy immunity for health and energy through simple healthy daily practices!  High Health Living is the way to living your best and Highest Life! Let’s Go ~ “With High Health, we are available for High Life.” – Michelle Verdugo

  • Refresh me with Apples – Fall Autumn Nourishing

    One of my favorite times of the year is NOW!  Fall brings a grounding + nourishing + healing + warmth to my body and soul. Summer seemed to fly by – all of sudden ~ surprise, it’s FALL!  The harvest moon earlier in the week was so beauty-FULL! Did you happen to catch it? A few of the events just within the past week!  Last weekend, I was invited to be a provider for an appetizer size tasting at one of my favorite organizations where I serve as “Nutritionist” – D’Vine Path Program!  The Sip & Stroll Soiree was indescribable –…