Refresh me with Apples – Fall Autumn Nourishing

One of my favorite times of the year is NOW!  Fall brings a grounding + nourishing + healing + warmth to my body and soul.

Summer seemed to fly by – all of sudden ~ surprise, it’s FALL!  The harvest moon earlier in the week was so beauty-FULL! Did you happen to catch it?

A few of the events just within the past week!  Last weekend, I was invited to be a provider for an appetizer size tasting at one of my favorite organizations where I serve as “Nutritionist” – D’Vine Path Program!  The Sip & Stroll Soiree was indescribable – the work happening to benefit and give layers of life to special young adults with special disabilities is outstanding!  I’m grateful to represent and sprinkle inspiration for High Health Living while being a tiny part in the lives of all involved!

I prepared High Health Zesty Gazpacho soup with happy heart shaped micro-greens and Nourishing You Quinoa Cakes over organic greens & a drizzle of lemon aioli!

Over the past week, there were 2 scheduled Cross Country meets.. Our team showed up ready and each of the 10 runners ran awesome!  Our team spirit goes to a boy who had never run a mile prior to our September start!  His motivation is to be fit to play basketball!  As he approached the finish line he had the best smile and was so proud of his accomplishment that he asked if we could increase our distance ¾ mile next week! (Yes, we sure can!!!)  I’ll be handing out tank shirts next week to all for their focus with a TEAM CHALLENGE – started at the beginning of the month!

Our second meet was met with an out of the sky event of lightning, thunder, flash flood downpour; it made for an exciting adventure!  We were flooded – out!  Even with a full schedule, I accepted the position as Cross Country Coach for the season to help out since they needed a coach and nearly wouldn’t let me pass!  We have crossed the half way point – about 6 weeks to go!

Out for a quick visit and stroll through the orchard.  I’m calling this “Johnny’s Apple Tree” – organic grown from the orchard my dad planted (his name is John!)… some affectionately call him “Johnny!”  You see? 😉   Refresh me with apples.. pictured above!

Within the past WEEK I’ve been asked about my energy by a few people, “how do you do it?”

Here is what I do and you can as well if you want more energy and to feel good overall!

I nourish my body daily!  I’m 100% committed to the basics of my daily regimen.

My TOP 3 daily ABSOLUTES are:  HYDRATION [drink at least 64 ounces H2O daily], MY WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION CAPSULES[Juice Plus is what I recommend], PRAYER!

I’d love to help you create an easy daily plan that fits and supports you; let’s schedule a time to chat!  Just let me know!


Stay tuned for our upcoming Nourishing Events to support you in living your healthiest & highest life!

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