Tips & Strategies for Healthy Holidays!

Holiday Cheers~!

Have you stepped into the holiday spirit, yet?  I realize that this time of the year can be a time that can bring up a lot of emotion, stress, and the potential to dive into the tempting “comfort foods” – the holiday treats, drinks, eats ~ so I want to share a few TIPS & STRATEGIES for Healthy Holidays to help YOU! 

First of all, embrace the holidays!  If you open your heart to whatever the season has to offer you ~ miracles can happen!  Simply, CHOOSE JOY; when you choose to be joyful, you fill your body with chemical reactors that combat unhealthy cells which lessens your risk for dis-ease ~ and you will then be able to receive all that the season has for you including miracles & holiday cheer!!  

choose joy

TIPS & STRATEGIES for Healthy Holidays to keep yourself looking & feeling good, to avoid the bloated puffy tummy, and to having more energy is here:

PLAN AHEAD & EAT BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!  For any event, you’ll want to plan ahead and eat before you go out to the event!  Enjoy your healthy meal at home.  Make sure your meal is satisfying and fiber-full like a healthy smoothie or a leafy green salad with avocado or walnuts (with a little protein) which will keep you satiated and lessen your temptation to be lured into the eclectic array of platters!

FORGET the SAMPLING & GRAZING!  It may be tempting because you’ve got only “bite size,” pretty appetizers and what could be a free dinner but just forget about it…it’s not worth it!  Think about it, don’t you usually leave events feeling like your over indulged, leaving you feeling bloated and not even satisfied…right? 

VEGGIE STICKS PLEASE!  YES ~ “STICK” to the Veggie Sticks and leave the dip behind!  If you need to crunch on something then help yourself to the veggie platter all while thinking clean – pure simple crunchy veggies are your way to Higher Health!  Stay away from the crunchy nuts…it’s likely that the party nuts are the worst quality nuts and aren’t “organic raw nuts” which are the ONLY type of nuts to enjoy – keep it clean!

BYOD:  Bring your own DISH!  YES!  Bring a healthy dish to share that way you’re guaranteed to have a bite that is “approved” and you’ll also set the example and inspire others to take the healthy way too!

ENJOY the PARTY!  We participate in events and parties to socialize, right?  So do just that!  The more chatting, visiting, catching up…the less temptation to dive into the sea of unhealthy foods over at the buffet!

 BYOB:  Bring your own beverage!  If you love wine, then bring your own organic wine!  If you’re trying to stay lean, lose a few lbs. or simply just live healthy and you enjoy a glass of vino, go organic!  Or enjoy a mocktail; simply keep it pure with a sparkling water, add a slice of lime and it’s the perfect faux- cocktail!  Another great cocktail is coconut water with a splash of vodka and a twist of lime with a little mint!  Stick to only 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol max for the event, having a glass of water with a splash of lemon or lime juice in between!  Alcohol is very dehydrating and puts your liver on overdrive so you’ll want to keep hydrated and cleansing to stay on your best path!

PLAN your AFTER PARTY!  Be sure to have a plan in mind for a late light dinner when you get home or a healthy option on your way home to stop for dinner!  Be sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water once you’re done with your meals, cocktails and all – to hydrate your precious body before you go to sleep! 

THE DAY AFTER!  Upon waking have a glass of water (at least 8 ounces) right when you wake up! Plan to have ½ your body weight in ounces of water DAILY!  Be refreshed, hydrated & help your body onto the path to your Higher Health~! 

Cheers, Organic Candy Canes, Love & Health~!   


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