Berry Merry Healthy Muffins

Merry Christmas ~

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas~! 

Peace, Love, Warmth, Comfort, Joy, Miracles, Health, Blessings ~

This is a simple & yummy recipe for you~!  Perfect for Christmas morning!  Enjoy~!

Berry merry muffins recipe card 

Download Recipe Here:   Berry Merry Muffins Recipe Card


Enjoy these perfect berry merry & healthy muffins ~  Be sure to come back & let me know how you like them 😉


Merry Christmas ~ Peace, Joy, Love to you & your family ~ Michelle   


10 thoughts on “Berry Merry Healthy Muffins

    1. Thank you Wanda! You can find coconut palm sugar at your local health food store…Sprouts, Fresh & Easy.. or one similar!

  1. Two questions about substitutions: 1. when you say “any flour” does that mean brown rice flour or almond flour would be OK? 2. Would 2 egg whites do the trick? They sound scrumptious, just don’t want to venture forward without guidance.

    1. Hi Patrice, Thank you for your ?’s! Yes, you could use either rice or almond flours. (For this recipe I like to use 1/2 whole grain (gluten free) pastry flour and 1/2 buckwheat flour.) And yes, egg whites will work – I would add one more for 3 eggs. Enjoy ~!

  2. These muffins sound fabulous, and remind me of summer!! I am gluten free and use coconut oil and cane sugar as substitutes often so I appreciate you provided that option here. The Almond extract is a nice change to vanilla as well, thank you!!

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