Hello & Welcome ~ I’m excited that you’re here!

Are you ready to feel better and start living with Higher Health for Higher Life?  Ready to reclaim your life?  Ready to be free of the aches, pains and health challenges keeping you from living & loving life?  If yes to one of all, then you are in the right place!

Living with Higher Health means…

  • Energy ~ Every day
  • Nourishing your body without deprivation or dieting
  • Pleasure in healing & creating a healthy lifestyle for you (& your family)
  • A body and “self” that you love
  • Success in your life: home & business!


  • Total Body Balance & Wellness
  • A life that you love

I invite you to RECEIVE my FREE GIFT for YOU – SIGN UP and


Hi & Welcome, I’m Michelle Verdugo, Nutritionist & Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

I’m so happy that you are here and would love for you to know that you can have Higher Health starting TODAY!

I understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t feel well, you don’t have the energy for life, you feel overwhelmed and don’t know what direction to go to get your health on track, and your life is seriously being affected.

If you’re ready to STOP being controlled by your poor health and are READY TO FINALLY TAKE CONTROL of your health, then you are in the right place!

Want to know my best kept secret?  It’s SIMPLE to step into your Higher Health; first, you just need to *DECIDE*  ~ followed by having a plan and the support that you need!

Come on in and see the light with me!





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