• Healthy Summer Recipes Free Gift!

    Healthy Summer Recipes Free Gift! Slim down and enjoy summer with some of my FAV’S…these are all simple, delicious and nourishing recipes for you! Would love to hear from you — be sure to come back to let me know how you like them right here on my blog! Enjoy and Cheers to Summer FUN!!! LINK ON TO DOWNLOAD your RECIPES HERE Healthy blessings ~ Michelle  

  • REAL FOOD: Lentil Salad Mix!

    Try this simply delicious Lentil Recipe; powerfully nutritious and very simple~! I recommend all organic ingredients! – Lentils – Red Onion – Cilantro – Avocado – Cherry Tomatoes – Dash of Sea Salt – Dash of Crushed Red Pepper Cook lentils as instructed on package. Chop and dress your individual servings with amounts proportionate to your desire; or you can chop and add each then combine and give the bowl a light toss~! This lentil salad mix is perfect for a lunch or dinner meal~!  Its light, yet provides just the right amount of heartiness to feel satiated. It provides you…