Freedom and the Pursuit of High Life!

In my reflection over the past several days leading to the 4th of July, along with many conversations with a variety of friends, clients and even family – there’s been a common (even if slight) theme around FREEDOM or lack thereof…

Freedom and the pursuit of High Life!  With High Health you have High Life!

I say it all the time and this is the core of my work.

I’ve been reflecting on and about what the 4th of July “Independence Day” is all about and how its’ evolved to have such deep meaning over the past 241 years here in America, the Beautiful!

Independence, pride, country, honor, respect, home, safety, life, liberty, happiness; these are some of the words that pop in my mind.

I find it intriguing that as I take a look at my life and some of my recent conversations with friends, clients and even new friends, I see how “life stuff” can keep us down and like we are imprisoned to the burdens and baggage of it all.  We allow our lives to be blemished by all of this and we may be far from living a High Life of “independence, pride, honor, respect, home, safety, life, liberty, happiness” within our soul and the reflection of our life – what our reality really looks like and represents.

So on this Independence Day – I’m taking a look at my soul and where I may need to release the burdens and baggage keeping me from being truly free in living my Highest Life NOW.  We’ve got ONE LIFE – why not live it with the greatest independence every day.  Every morning is a fresh start, we have the opportunity to live the day with life in pursuit of freedom, health and happiness, all along with so much more that reflects “independence.”

What thoughts, burdens and baggage do you need to release?

What we carry around in our head, our heart, our day to day life IS [a bit or lots more] OUR REALITY!  This is all relevant – to our life!

Are you living the healthy life and lifestyle that you dream of?  Or have you even allowed yourself to dream and believe that you can actually live a HIGH LIFE freedom to be YOU?

If your answer is YES, well then, WHEN?  WHEN are you going to say YES to YOU?

When are you going to stop going in circles expecting that one day it’s going to be different and something will change?

Each day will come and will suck you right into everything that needs to be done (I know!) like a vortex that may be even sucking the life out of you some days.  If you allow it to do so — do you know what I mean?   If you know what I’m talking about – then you know the only way to BREAK FREE from this crazy not so healthy vortex is to DECIDE!

DECIDE – you decide and you keep deciding; sometimes deciding is a moment by moment action!  With your decision, you then take action and keep moving forward in pursuit of what YOUR life of freedom, liberty and happiness is all about!  It may not be easy at times but one decision after another is better than no decision at all and letting life pass you by…



I wish you a Happy Independence Day!  Happy 4th of July America!

Remember, with HIGH HEALTH you HAVE and ARE AVAILABLE to live a HIGH LIFE!

Love & Healthy blessings,


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