Porky Pig, Babe, Wilbur…. Friends not Food! 

Porky Pig, Babe, Wilbur…. Friends not Food!

Had fun riding the blue pig — inspired me to share a little insight!  Do you eat pork?

It’s true — I don’t eat “the other white meat!”  And, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything!  I realize it’s a popular choice on the menu and a great amount of people are consuming this white meat  thinking it may be a leaner (healthier) meat — but guess what, pigs are loaded with toxins that get them nice and fat and ready to be that pork lean sausage or bacon on the plate.  Pigs do not have an efficient detox system so instead of eliminating the junk – the toxins build up in the way of “pork” and is served in the form of crispy bacon, holiday ham, etc!

So basically, there isn’t any High Health Nutritional value from consuming any pork products.

There is however, increased risk of disease — according to the World Health Organization, processed meat like ham, bacon, and sausage causes cancer.  Also, because pork can be high in fat and full of unhealthy elements there’s also a risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma.  So if bacon, ham, sausage are a go to for you and you experience challenges with any of these health issues, that may be a contributing factor.

There are several additional reasons why eating pork products would not be good for nourishing the body for health and longevity.  Keeping it simple, as tasty as it may be — it’s not worth it! If you’re a bacon lover or ham, sausage, you name it…and you want to naturally improve your health; think Porky, Babe, Wilbur — Friends not Food! 

Your choice — no judgement, what you eat is up to you!  I’m here to help you live a healthier life! If you would like healthier ways to nourish your body, improve your energy and look and feel great — message me!  😉

By the way, my High Health Spring Challenge is around the corner, WANT IN??? Msg me!

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