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Healthy Holidays! Healthy Tips & Strategies for you!

Healthy Holidays!  Healthy Tips & Strategies for you! YES! It is possible to have Healthy Holidays!  Here are a few Healthy TIPS & STRATEGIES to keep you on track & healthy through the holidays! Healthy Holidays from Nutritionist, Michelle Verdugo, CCN DRINK YOUR DAILY WATER!  Aim for at least 64 ounces of water daily OR […]

ARTSIFUN Fundraising Event

Hello there and welcome to my site! It’s my pleasure to be assisting Mike Edelstein, local Fallbrook resident who is raising money in support of the North County Boys and Girls Club and the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce; honorary mayor candidate campaign! For your convenience I’ve set up a pay tab to reserve your seat!  […]

Official High Health Event

An Official * High Health Event and YOU ARE INVITED!            LINK HERE ON > YES and YES to RESERVE YOUR SPOT! HIGH HEALTH LUNCHTIME RETREAT! Time to take a break from your daily routine and enjoy a healthy lunchtime RETREAT! You’re invited to JOIN US for a healthy lunch, paddle […]

7 Ways to Nurture your Immune System…

- Self time: pray, meditate, journal
- Hydrate: drink a minimum of 64 ounces purified water daily
- Breathe: breath awareness - manage your stress & calm your mind
- Body movement: exercise 30-60 minutes daily
- Enjoy life: have fun, laugh, spend time feeling good
- BE INSPIRED! - Create new goals & dreams...TAKE ACTION!