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WE ARE ON & YOU ARE INVITED!  10 DAY HIGH HEALTH BODY DETOX Your search is over! I’d love to invite you to take a step into your Higher Health with me!  My 10 Day High Health Body Detox has been designed specifically to help you gently cleanse {detox} your body with ease and with […]

Organic Apple Pie

Organic Apple Pie … Super simple and delicious! Give this yummy treat a try!  Organic Apple High Health Pie can be a perfect treat for anytime of the day! Give this super simple recipe a try! Really easy… REALLY GOOD! Let me know if you’re going give this simple yummy treat a try then be […]

Tomatillo Salsa Verde Healthy GO Lucky

The theme is green, Tomatillo Salsa Verde!!! March is Healthy Go Lucky month >> GREEN, CLEAN & LEAN! With green on my mind this is what I decided to blend together last night for Taco Tuesday; give this yummy Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde a try…WHY? Because it’s healthy for you! What you’ll need: Roasted Tomatillo […]

7 Ways to Nurture your Immune System…

- Self time: pray, meditate, journal
- Hydrate: drink a minimum of 64 ounces purified water daily
- Breathe: breath awareness - manage your stress & calm your mind
- Body movement: exercise 30-60 minutes daily
- Enjoy life: have fun, laugh, spend time feeling good
- BE INSPIRED! - Create new goals & dreams...TAKE ACTION!