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  • Recipe Ultimate Toasty Burritos

    Download and ENJOY your *FREE* RECIPE here: <a href=" you can try these out.pdf”>ultimate toasty burritos Be sure to leave a comment and let us know how much you love this ultimately healthy choice~!  HAPPY to offer *FREE* RECIPES ~ Please “SHARE” the HEALTH with your friends! ?    

  • Ultimate Healthy Burritos

    Tired of not having healthy choices especially on days like SUPERBOWL SUNDAY?  Enjoy this super simple recipe ~ my Ultimate Healthy Burritos!  I can’t wait to have these tomorrow!   Click on the Photo here for  your FREE RECIPE ~ and be sure to Share it and let me know how much you and your game day guests love them!     Ultimate Toasty Burritos  2 cups cooked quinoa 2 cups black beans (organic canned ok)    2 bell peppers, red, orange, green (your choice/mix) 2 medium onions 5 limes 1 bundle cilantro, finely chopped 1 dozen organic tortillas (your choice:…

  • Berry Merry Healthy Muffins

    Merry Christmas ~ Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas~!  Peace, Love, Warmth, Comfort, Joy, Miracles, Health, Blessings ~ This is a simple & yummy recipe for you~!  Perfect for Christmas morning!  Enjoy~!   Download Recipe Here:   Berry Merry Muffins Recipe Card   Enjoy these perfect berry merry & healthy muffins ~  Be sure to come back & let me know how you like them 😉   Merry Christmas ~ Peace, Joy, Love to you & your family ~ Michelle     

  • Zesty Nutritious Easy Recipe

    This “Zesty Quinoa Salad” Recipe is simply ‘zesty nutritious and easy’ ~ a PERFECT SALAD for any occasion!  For a quick lunch, dinner or special occasion — this will SATISFY, KEEP YOU SLIM, ENERGIZE & have you ENJOYING your MEAL! The picture featured here also reflects our beautiful garden PRODUCE – ING hydroponic system!  This beautiful butter crunch lettuce you see here has been providing for meals for over a month now!  I love keeping healthy eating simple & enjoyable!  This salad can be tossed up in under 20 minutes.  While you wait on quinoa to cook ~10-15 minutes, gather your…

  • Healthy Summer Sorbet Recipe!

    Healthy Summer Sorbet Recipe ~ just in time for the holiday weekend!  I’ve got a SPECTACULAR recipe just for you!  Stock up on PINEAPPLE, COCONUT WATER & have a lemon on hand…           I promise you are going LOVE this ONE~! Let FREEDOM REIGN! SO SOOOOOOOO delicious, refreshing & super simple ~ a decadent treat to enjoy during the hot summer days ~ and since it’s only fruit, you won’t mind if your kids (& you) have to have another scoop!  A perfect summer treat! Here’s the SCOOP ~ Spectacular & Refreshing Pineapple Sorbet! – 2 cups of frozen pineapple chunks –…